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What Is Turners Syndrome
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Hi There!

I'm Jessica. I set this website up because I have a condition called Turners Syndrome.
Please note that I AM NOT A DOCTOR OR A COUNSELLOR. I am merely a person who has TS and wishes to share her experiences. This website is intended for breif information and inspiration only! I cannot answer medical queries, I make no guarantee that my experience of this condition will be alike to yours and I do not have a varied enough knowledge of TS be of any more assistance to people affected by the condition than that my website gives.
For this reason, I STRONGLY recommend that people finding this site visit the TSSS (Turners Syndrome Support Society) of the UK website, and become a member. This is a professional charity based in the UK, does a brilliant job and will offer far better help than I can
The TSSS website is
If you want a friendly chat, or to talk to me further about my experiences with TS (keeping in mind what I said in the passage above) feel free to email me on Please email me before adding me to msn messenger though, to let me know who you are (there are some funny folk out there who I don't especially want invading my msn account!)
I hope you find this useful
               Take care,
                     Jess :-)