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Jess Casey's Story
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Jess Casey's Story
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My name is Jessica Casey and I am sixteen years old. I found out about Turners Syndrome when I was about seven. As I was quite young and I can't remember much, but one thing I do remember though is that I did not like having an injection every night. The thought of putting a needle in me made me terrified, so a nurse came to help me.

I'm fine now and I've made loads of friends with girls with Turners, which has helped me tremendously. Also every TS girl I have met has been so nice and really wants to help. Even thought I am small I am not bothered as a lot of my friends are, but it does annoy me when I can’t reach the top shelf!

I am now in year 11 and due to do my GCSE’s in June!! Turners Syndrome is not my life; so do not make it yours!!!