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What Is Turners Syndrome
Growth Hormone And Short Stature
Hormone Replacement
My Story
Steph's Story
Jess Casey's Story
Pontins, the TSSS, and my wonderful friends
Message Board

Here are links to other websites you may find useful. Please do be wary of sites on the web. There are no restrictions to the information that can be put on them, so be careful not to believe everything you see! This is the reason for my lack of links, but that of the TSS,  as I do not want to approve any sites that may misguide you.

Turners Syndrome Support Society Of The UK

My MSN space (note, nothing to do with TS, just my crazy mixed up world, and it does have a block on it which you have to ask me to lift if you want to look unless you're one of my msn contacts)