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My Story

Short Sature And Growth Hormone

If I am not mistaken, every girl who suffers from Turners Syndrome suffers from short stature.However, like in normal girls, the exact height a girl with Turners Syndrome will reach is dependent on gentic buildup (ie: if you come from a generally tall family, chances are you'll be tall yourself for a girl with Turners Syndrome) The average adult height reached by a girl with Turners Syndrome is roughly 4ft 8 (142cm) However, this can be improved by few inches from growth hormone.With treatment, the most a girl with Turners Syndrome can expect to reach is 5 ft 3ish (I think!!!)

Growth Hormone
An option of improving the adult height of a girl with Turners Syndrome is growth hormone.It is now a purely synthetic drug, so there are non of the risks associated with the previously used biologicgrowth hormone.Sorry guys, but there is no way of getting around it, it must be injected! However, like most things, it really isn't half as bad as it seems. There are loads of different injecting devices, including one that has no needle, and best of all, most girls who inject themselves regularly will agree that it is PRACTICALLY PAINLESS!!! I was terrified of needles before I started injections, but I don't think a thing of the fact that I have an injection every night now. It really has become a stressless routine, like brushing my teeth. And best of all, it is so rewarding when I go to the hospital and see how much I've grown. How much growth hormone improves your height depends on a lot of factors, such as what age you started, how tall you are genetically capable of reaching, etc. 

My Personal Experience And Advice
I have been on growth hormone for 10 months now. I wasn't sure how much it would work, since I started it very late in life (I was already 15 before starting due to being diagnosed so late) I could not be happier with the results! After just 10 months I've grown from 4ft 7 and 1/2 (141cm) to 4ft 11 (149cm)! And I'm still growing at a very good rate! I'm really pleased I chose to go on GH, because the extra height is a real bonus to me! My advice from my experience of being short for my age and being on growth hormone would be;
  • Don't expect GH to make you a giant!!
  • By all means set yourself a target height, but don't build all your hopes to becoming a certain height, there could be great disappointment at hand!!
  • Don't let your height become your life and soul!!! Theres far more to anyone than a few centimetres of extra height!!! And even more, don't let other people judge and tease you for your height! If they can't see the above fact then they aren't worth the effort!
  • Find ways to compensate for your height. It's a sad fact that small girls are a bully target. Learn to be assertive and stick up for yourself (easier said than done I know!) You may find a martial art a useful skill to learn. In many of them, such as judo, short stature and small build actually work as an advantage! 

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